dear_zpss6pliqmx.jpg bigFORGIVEN


3 thoughts on “DEAR BITTER PERSON

  1. Its so hard to forgive at times. I really have to pray on it! Sometimes I claim to forgive someone but deep down inside I haven’t. Its like a battle with the truth and what I want.

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  2. I can relate… I struggled with forgiveness for many years. Just because I didn’t think about it, I thought that I had moved on but I hadn’t moved on because certain triggers would take me back and I would be angry and hurt all over again. It wasn’t until I erased the thought of forgiving and just concentrated on acknowledging my pain and making a choice to live with it or not. Only than was I able to let it go and move on with my life. Thanks for your comment Josie!

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  3. I think I forgave…because now I just feel sorry for them and I actually do pray for them and wish them well… where as before, I wanted them to fall off a bridge…lol…just keeping it real:)


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